Monday, October 1, 2012

Store Happenings Late September 2012

The sales floor has transformed from Summer to Fall with tweeds, ticking, leathers and wood.  Kelley Faulkner and Heather Freeman have designed a warm and inviting feel in the store among the flowers and plants.  The panels behind the register are made from scraps of driftwood and the chandeliers are constructed of curly willow vines.  

In addition to the fabulous fall flowers, another key arrival are our Dr. Delphinium pumpkins!  Kelley meticulously orders the dried products that you see on these gorgeous pumpkins and each is individually designed for a one of a kind gift for you or for someone else!  These pumpkins will last throughout the entire season of Halloween and Thanksgiving so be sure to come and pick one out today!  They have already started to fly out of the door!

So please stop by and see how fabulous everything looks!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

More Store Happenings! Mid-August 2012

I know you have seen the advertisements but we wanted to give you a little more background about the floral classes which begin August 16th.  These classes run for five Thursdays and are taught by our very own Bryna Morrow, the Dr. D. wedding and events coordinator.  Each week, the topic changes and ranges from the rose arrangement which is a good fundamental design, to hand tied bridal bouquets. 

In deciding the subject matter, Bryna has drawn from the four main areas of floral design; classic, modern, wedding and events.  Her objective is to draw from each genre in order to provide a platform for people who want to learn more about floral design to create works of art for their own party or event.  More information can be found at

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Store HIGHLIGHTS August 2012

We have added two new candle lines to our sales floor!  Aquiesse and Voluspa are two wonderful brands that have luxurious scents and long burn times.  Clean burning and fragrant, these candles are an excellent addition to your home or as a gift.  The Aquiesse line we offer is sold in a clear glass square; the Voluspa candles we have available are sold in a sleek tin.

From the Voluspa Japonica line, Dr Delphinium carries the fragrances of Moso Bamboo, Santiago Huckleberry, Gigi Tarocco Orange, Baltic Amber, Mokara, and French Cade Lavender.  From the Aquiesse Souvenir line, we carry the scents of North Sea, Riviera, Costa Rica, Mediterranean, Mystique and Santa Barbara

Please visit our store to find the candle(s) that your nose needs!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Plant Blog #7

It's been way too long because of technical issues...really.  We apologize for our absence. 

I hear the expression, “I have no green thumb” all the time.  This gave me cause to look up the derivation of the phrase.  It seems in older times, it was not just the thumb but the fingers as well that were “green”.  Some sources say that the green fingers relate to the algae that stained the fingers after rubbing off clay pots.  The use of the word “thumb” goes back to the millers.  Millers, who ground crops such as corn for farmers, would rub the corn between their thumb and palm and if it was good, the miller was said to have a “golden thumb”.  It would appear that the golden thumb morphed into green thumb with reference to gardeners that produced good plants.  Whether this is accurate or not it is plausible, so I am a believer.

You don’t have to have a green thumb just the desire and time to put into plants.  As I have said before, plants are like people.  Some need a lot of care and some not so much; some are prickly while others are smooth.  They all have different requirements and offer an array of colors and textures.  They are all unique and special, just like people.

My advice until next time:  Please buy a plant; it will be good for you.
Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This week’s topic: An example of why NOT to be afraid of orchids! 

I have a very close friend who has no green thumb. Traditional houseplants shutter, flowers wilt, and even cacti fear her. About a year and a half ago, a mutual friend gave her an orchid. Not being in the position as I am now to help her, I wished her luck and thought the orchid had no chance of survival. From the leaves, it looked like a Phalaenopsis, which in theory is one of the longest lasting and easiest to grow orchid varieties.

For some reason, she had the plant at another less occupied house in the winter months and the heat was turned down. When visiting, she would religiously put about a teaspoon or so of water on it (as we learned reading the last blog, not the proper way to water an orchid) and was shocked and amazed after months of dormancy; a shoot and subsequent buds appeared. The result was an exquisite spotted white phalo that has maintained its blooms for nearly 4 months. 

This success made my friend offer to start growing phalos for Dr. Delphinium. While I, as the greenhouse manager, think that we shall stick to acquiring our orchids in quantities of more than one per year, her enthusiasm and newfound excitement of growing orchids is apparent. So if ever you are slightly apprehensive of growing orchids, please take a page from my friend’s book and just jump in: whether by accident or purpose. 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They're Here!

The anticipatory wait is over! That's right (you know what season it is'.) fall has arrived and so have our famous pumpkins! From sweet little minis to lush beauties, come in and get yours today.......before they are all gone!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


While the majority of us will be eating our way through the fair this year (as we should), I wanted to remind you that there is a wonderful exhibit completely dedicated to plants. Located adjacent to the Texas Star is a greenhouse that houses landscape professionals and hosts lectures and discussions every Saturday and Sunday at 11, 1, 3 and 5 every weekend of the fair. There is a special event with Neil Sperry on Friday October 1st at 1 and 3 p.m. You can hear a variety of professionals; see wonderful landscaping by over 50 companies tending 100 beds. The Fall Garden Exhibition also includes work by 27 artists.
So if you have the inclination, go by and get some planting ideas or just look at the fabulous designs of plants and colors. Then please enjoy something deep fried!

Thanks for reading,